Yangon Mandalay Railway Improvement Project Phase II

Yangon Mandalay Railway Improvement Project Phase II, from Taungoo to Mandalay section, is the extension project of Phase I.

The purposes of rehabilitation and modernization are:

  • Increasing passengers and freight transport capacity between Yangon-Mandalay to cope with increase of traffic demand;
  • Increasing the train operation speed;
  • Reducing travel time;
  • Increasing safety, reliability and punctuality of train operation;

Enhancing the national economic growth such as industries, trade, and commercial etc.

Oriental Consultants Japan Co., Ltd. is proudly involved as a Joint Venture of the construction management consultancy services team. The objective of the consulting services is to achieve the efficient and proper preparation and implementation of the Project through the pre-construction stage, construction stage, post-construction stage, Facilitation of implementation and technology transfer.