Yangon Mandalay Railway Improvement Project Phase I

The project’s core objective is the extensive rehabilitation and modernization of the railway facilities spanning from Yangon stations to Taungoo stations, encompassing Satsan and Botataung stations. This endeavor is driven by a multifaceted mission: to increase passenger and freight transport capacity between Yangon and Mandalay in response to growing traffic demands, elevate train operation speeds, reduce travel times, enhance safety, reliability, and punctuality of train services, and ultimately contribute to the broader national economic growth across various sectors.

 This ambitious undertaking involves the rehabilitation of civil and railway infrastructure, including roadbeds, tracks, bridges, level crossings, and fencing along the specified route, as well as the modernization of signaling and telecommunication systems, along with the establishment of an Operations Control Center (OCC). Additionally, the project encompasses the procurement and installation of advanced Diesel-Electric Multiple Units (DEMU) and workshop equipment, all aimed at fostering a comprehensive and efficient railway system.