Yangon Circular Railway Line Upgrading Project

Yangon Circular Railway Modernization Project, where our primary goal is to enhance the overall service quality of the Yangon Circular Railway Line, setting the stage for its comprehensive modernization. The consulting services aim to facilitate the efficient and proper preparation and execution of the project through various key activities across different project stages. During the pre-construction stage, services encompass tender assistance, which involves the finalization of tender documents and bidding packages.

Throughout the construction phase, the consultancy provides supervision for the implementation of Signalling Works and Rolling Stock Procurement Works while offering training for operation and maintenance, alongside considerations for environmental and social aspects. In the post-construction phase, the services extend to final acceptance and the preparation of a comprehensive Project Completion Report.

Additionally, the consultancy supports the implementation of crucial environmental and social management plans, including the Environmental and Social Management Plan (EMP), Environmental and Social Monitoring Plan (EMoP), Abbreviated Resettlement Plan (ARP), and HIV/AIDS Protection Plan (HAPP). Ensuring the safety of the project, technology transfer, advisory services to Project components managed by MR, as well as advisory services for Passenger Service and Rail Business Performance Improvement, further underline the comprehensive nature of the consulting services provided.