Poverty Reduction Project Phase II (Road Sector)

Poverty reduction is one of the most important goals for Myanmar. In 2010, Myanmar’s poverty reduction rate remained at 25.6% amounting to more than 12 millions of its population, although there has been a slight improvement observed in the last few years. The importance of achieving a balanced development throughout the country and narrowing down the development gaps among regions and states in order to promote growth and reduce poverty is therefore fully recognized by the Government of Myanmar and duly stipulated in the national development plans. 

For this end, it is essential to develop basic infrastructure such as roads and bridges to ensure smooth and better transportation, electricity and water supply facilities to improve people’s living conditions, which is expected to result in economic development of the country.

Oriental Consultants Japan provided Local Experts and Administration Staffs specifically for the Road and Bridge Sector which comprises rehabilitation and construction of 7 sub-projects of asphalt roads and concrete roads, small scale bridges and box culvert.