Issues Analysis on Social Consideration Issues for Airport Construction Project

After democratization of Myanmar in 2011, the number of passengers at the international airports continues to increase, with a year-on-year increase of more than 20%, with a high increase of around 35%. Although the handling of Mandalay and Naypyidaw airports has increased significantly, Yangon Airport is currently the main gateway to neighboring countries, and even in 2014, it handled more than 90% of international flights throughout Myanmar. .. The number of passengers on domestic flights continues to increase at a high rate, but most of them are used at Yangon Airport, which is the center of commerce and industry, accounting for more than 30% of the total.

At Yangon International Airport, the total number of international and domestic air passengers was approximately 1.5 million / year until 2009, but since 2010 it has been on an expanding trend and the average annual growth rate until 2014 is international. In 2018, international flights reached about 4 million passengers / year and domestic flights reached about 2 million passengers / year, for a total of about 6 million passengers / year. Based on strong aviation demand, the number of aircraft departures and arrivals was 7 in 2018. It has reached 10,000 times.

In light of the limited condition on the expansion of Yangon Airport, the Myanmar government has been planning to develop a new Hantharwaddy International Airport located in the Bago region since the 1990s, and in the first half of the 2010s, it has been considering the development including the utilization of the PPP scheme. In response to this, JICA carried out the “Hantharwaddy New International Airport Development and Operation Project Preparatory Survey” (PPP Infrastructure Project) from 2015.

Under these circumstances, when proceeding with the development of the new airport, it is assumed that the environmental impact, land acquisition status, and environmental laws and regulations on the Myanmar side have changed from the contents examined in the past. There is a need to review and further investigate the necessary information.

Oriental Consultant Japan carry out the current status of environmental and social considerations and additional surveys for the implementation of EIA necessary for the development of the new airport.

(1) Collection and analysis of existing materials

  • Review of existing environmental impact assessment (EIA) and resident relocation plans, and formulate EIA schedule for obtaining environmental licenses
  • Review of environmental assessment report