Oriental Consultants Japan Co., Ltd. (OC Japan) was established in January 2014 as a new Myanmar-based consulting firm for the purpose of providing high-quality consulting services to valuable clients in the region. OC Japan strives to satisfy its client’s needs with an approach that consolidates modern regional characteristics with effective environmental design and awareness of present and future social and environmental demands. OC Japan is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Oriental Consultant Global Co., Ltd. (OC Global) of Japan.

Our Projects

We are thinking. Thinking of right now, future and past. Every step we take is thanks to our team. As we strengthen together, we will become stronger.

Yangon-Mandalay Railways Improvement Project Phase-I

From the strategic development perspective, the Yangon – Mandalay (north-south) transport and development corridor is expected to continue to be an important component of the country’s future socio-economic evolution. In addition, Yangon and Mandalay have the largest and second largest industrial agglomerations respectively –

Yangon Circular Railway Line Upgrading Project

The 46 km long Yangon Circular Railway Line is a part of the railway network of Myanma Railways, and is expected to serve as the spine of the public transit system in Yangon.The objective of the Project is to improve the efficiency and capacity of passenger transport and

Urban Development Planning Assistance in Kyaikto

Kyaikto embraces a cultural, logistic/transport, and industrial center that contributes to the sustainable development of Mon State and Myanmar.Our target for this project is to confirm the existing development policies and related plans of Kyaikto City,

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