Oriental Consultants Japan, a subsidiary of Oriental Consultants Global, a leading General Consultant Company in the world, has proudly expanded its activities through National Infrastructure Development in Myanmar, even if it is a short period ever since 2014 when established according to Myanmar Company Law.

Our Services

Road and Bridge Construction

Celebrating Excellence in Road and Bridge Construction, Oriental Consultants Japan is your trusted engineering consultant partner for infrastructure projects. ​

Urban and Regional Development​

We are passionate about shaping the future of urban and regional development. As a leading engineering consultant firm, we specialize in creating sustainable, vibrant, and resilient communities.

Water Resources

We are your trusted partner in optimizing and preserving water resources. As a leading engineering consultancy, we specialize in comprehensive water resource management solutions.

Energy and Power Development

We are dedicated to powering progress through comprehensive energy and power development solutions. As a leading engineering consultancy, we specialize in transforming energy landscapes by leveraging innovation and sustainability.

Environmental Management

We are champions of environmental responsibility and sustainability. As a premier engineering consultancy, we specialize in providing comprehensive environmental management solutions.

Railways and Mass Transit​

Our services deliver a broad range of solutions for railway construction and operation and span all phases of Projects and Business development, ....

Data Collection Survey

We specialize in data collection surveys, offering comprehensive solutions to gather invaluable insights for informed decision-making. Our expert team is dedicated to designing and executing tailored survey campaigns that cater to your unique requirements.

With cutting-edge technology and meticulous methodologies, we ensure accurate data gathering, analysis, and interpretation. Our survey services cover a wide spectrum, including land surveys, geo-spatial mapping, demographic assessments, and infrastructure evaluations. Partner with us to harness the power of precise and reliable data, enabling your organization to make data-driven choices and turn your vision into reality.

Our Director​

Mr. Kazuyasu KONDO

Managing Director

Mr. Narentorn Yingyongrattanakul